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AAG Privacy Policy

How we collect and handle your information is regulated by the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988) and the Australian Privacy Principles (2014).

We need to collect certain information about you in order to do our work. When you are scheduled for surgery, your surgeon or the hospital provides us with your name and contact details and the plan for your surgery so that we can send you an estimate of your anaesthetic fee and so that your anaesthetist can plan the anaesthetic for your surgery. If the information is incomplete, we may contact you and ask you for the missing information.

If there are special medical considerations for your surgery, your surgeon may send details of your test results or medical assessments to your anaesthetist in order to plan for your anaesthetic. This information is secured in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

We need to pass on some of the information we collect in order to complete the billing for your surgery. Your health insurer requires that we identify you and provide the billing codes for your procedure in order for them to pay your account. We provide them with the minimum required information to fulfil this purpose.

We do not disclose any information to cross-border (foreign) organisations.

We are required to retain billing information for a period of time after your surgery. Once we are no longer required to retain it, your information is destroyed.

We are happy to provide you with access to the information we have about you and to make any corrections you would like.